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Cordless Tools

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Cordless tools help make the hard work you do each day just a little bit easier. Cordless power tools help you get to those impossible, hard to reach places that having to run a power cord to; just doesn’t make sense. Whether you are crawling through a crawlspace, or sweating it out in an attic, we’ve got you covered. You can get all of the power that you’ll need for almost any situation that the job site can throw at you, without dragging the cord around. From 6 volt tools, all the way up the extra power you need of 24 volt heavy duty tools, we can help. We carry all of the brands that you want, from Dewalt and Makita to Hitachi and Milwaukee. We keep all of the tools from the name brand manufacturers that you trust to get the job done in stock, ready to ship within 24/48 hours. From multi-tool sets, individual cordless drills and saws, to cordless vacuums and blowers, ToolHQ has the tools in stock and ready to ship. So, take a look at our wide selection from the best brands available and get what you need to get the job done.
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